Article: CMW Demonstrators For February 17, 2018 Were Thom Crothers, Tucker Garrison, And Greg Schramek

February 19, 2018 14:23, submitted by Tina Collison (author: Alan Carter)

CMW Demonstrators for February 17, 2018 were Thom Crothers, Tucker Garrison, and Greg Schramek

Something a little different this month organized by Alan Carter. Woodturners at all levels of experience have questions about turning techniques, tools, sharpening, you name it. This month is your chance to get the answers you've been looking for. Our club is very fortunate to have a number of expert turners with many years of experience. Thom Crothers, Tucker Garrison, and Greg Schramek will perform a number of short, skill building demonstrations. Try to stump these chumps and learn a lot in the process. In addition we'll have some short demos on subjects like finishing, coloring wood, etc.

Thom Crothers, Greg Schramek, Tucker Garrison, assisted by Brian Johnson.

Limericks by Alan Carter in honor of our three demonstrators:

We all know a turner named Tucker

When mounting a blank, he knows how to chuck’r

But one day out of the blue

off the lathe the wood it flew

Luckily he is also a good ducker.


I know a turner named Crothers

Who, if he had his druthers

Would make chips all day long

and think, is it so wrong

to leave the cleanup to others?


There once was a turner named Schramek

Whose vessels required no schematic

He’ll describe his technique

Just listen to him speak

‘cause sometimes he’s a bit dramatic.