Article: Chris Ramsey Demonstration March 15, 2008

February 11, 2012 16:20, submitted by Tina Collison (author: Bob Gunther)

Chris Ramsey Demonstration at the CMW meeting on March 15, 2008. Click on the file at right to open the article.

Chris’s signature work is thin walled bowls and his world famous turned full-size and miniature hats. His pieces are in many collections. Five of his hats were turned for President George W. Bush. Chris spends a great deal of time appraising downed or felled trees to find the perfect pieces. The beauty of the grain, the inclusion of bark, the imperfections of fungal invasion (spalting), the work of the Ambrosia Beetle, and the burling of wood all contribute to the magnificence of the art form. Within each “blank” a bowl or hat is waiting to be released.