Article: Glenn Lucas TLC Class

November 25, 2011 12:42, submitted by Mike Fiantaca (author: Norm Lantz)

Glenn Lucas Class

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Start right, Make it easy!

Those who attended Glennn Lucas’ class on Sunday, June 19th expecting to go home with a lot of new bowls or other products turned from wood had to feel disappointed. No one, not one person, fully completed a bowl. We didn’t even get to the finishing stage! And we were there well past our quitting time! We all went home with some work to do, but we also went home very tired and very happy.

As with his demonstration on Saturday at the Folk Art Center, Glenn concentrated most of the day on proper shaping and sharpening of tools. After critiquing the tools we brought with us and pointing out our “fatal flaws,” Glenn showed us the difference between tools that work and what most of us use. He demonstrated sharpening with his “free hand” methods, which he and most other professionals prefer, and sharpening with a jig. Both methods can deliver really, really sharp edges when done properly and Glenn stressed that every turner should use whichever method works best for them.

Seeing what a truly sharp edge looks like is a life changing event. Using a properly sharpened tool turns every cut into a “Wow, look at that” kind of feeling. Huge shavings flew off every lathe in no time. There was enough walnut on the floor to build a small table!

Glenn spent as much time with each of us as he could, offering many helpful hints on technique and making sure we understood all that he had to offer. The only major problem of the day was in having only one sharpening stand. We had to wait long intervals between our “turns” at the grinder to try our hand at our newly learned skills.

The Carolina Mountain Woodturners offer many classes with world renowned experts as teachers. All turners can, and will, learn from attending any of these classes, regardless of skill level. Most classes are rewarding in that you get to take home a bunch of “neat stuff.” Glenn’s class was special in that we went home with a treasure trove of knowledge to be used in future projects. Plan on attending a class in the near future. You’ll be so glad you did!

Keep those chisels SHARP!

Norm Lantz Graduate of the Glenn Lucas Class