Article: Empty Bowls Project

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November 25, 2011 10:24, submitted by Mike Fiantaca

Row 1 left to right Bob Heltman-Maple, Bob Heltman-Maple, Jack Edmonston-Cherry Row 2 left to right Jimmy Johnston-Maple, Mike George-Maple, Charles Smith-Ash, Jimmy Johnston-Maple, Bob Briner-Bird’s Eye Maple Row 3 left to right Pat Thobe-Honey Locust, Bob Gunther-Hackberry, Allen Robinson-Spalted Maple, Jack Langdon- Maple, Greg Schramek-Apple Row 4 left to right James Caskowski-Douglas Fir, Bill and Tina Collison-Cherry Burl, Gene Dampier-Cherry, Allen Robinson-Spalted Maple

Not pictured in group photo-Don Rose-Cerejeira