Article: "Let's Give It A GO": Invent Something New! With Nick Agar By Chris Christos

November 14, 2011 21:33, submitted by Nettie Turpin (author: Chris Christos)

“Let’s Give It A GO”: Invent Something New!! With Nick Agar-October 14, 2011

Location: Ox Creek Community Center, WNC by Chris G. Christos

A beautiful North Carolina Mountains fall day. As I drive up the Parkway from Etowah, I marveled at the wonders of natural. Here we are in the middle of all the various types of trees. Some of us will harvest some part of this resource and turn them into spindles and bowls for the more talented.

October 14 and Nick Agar from Great Britain, English or as we Yanks years ago in polite circles referred to the British Empire. Also, to give credit where it is due, the country of many historical woodturning milestones. As well as home to very skillful Woodturner’s, which includes Nick Agar, a woodturning artist. He has earned the reputation for creating multi-textured turned wood sculptures. He came to us to share his over twenty plus years of experience. He has received many awards for his work that incorporates carving and metalwork.

As I pull into the Ox Creek Community Center, lo and behold the trailer and a tractor attached, was already sitting in front of the building and I would not have to go and tow it, as I had planned. Thank you very much John Hill, for making my life just a little easier. First of all, with all that Nick presented during this workshop, it was a difficult task to take all the required notes needed for an article and keep up with doing the class. So, I asked Nick for a post-class interview and thus will be reporting the highlights. So here as they say across the Big Pond: “Let’s give it a GO” !

Post Interview:

Tips and Pointers: Multi Texturing Use close grain woods such as Maple, not Oak or Ash, or pale colored close grained wood. Turn the piece to the shape you want. Create a ½ inch band around the circumference of your project Make sure there are no tears or damages to the surface, i.e. unnatural those caused by you! Look around your home and workshop (studio) for objects that you can use to enhance the surface of your project: Philips screw drivers, leather working tools, punches, tubes et…al Using your tool of choice push into the surface to the depth of 1/16 of an inch. Make sure you have no raised fibers in the wood’s surface. Pick up some of your shaving in your hand and burnish the surface of your project. Be careful not to create too much heat, that could burn your hand(s) or do damage to the surface of your project. Apply your spirit stain of choice. One application is via the use of a spray diffuser, we were able to purchase these from nick at two for $ 15.00. Then let the item air dry. Use metallic Gilding. Perform after texture tool use prior to stain application. Apply between your thumb and forefinger. Rub these together till the paste is very smooth on your forefinger. Apply to your project. Repeat the process between Thumb and forefinger till area is cover to a smooth finish.

Tools used:

Junior hacksaw or small Japanese saw Tools: Parting tool, skew, 1/4" spindle gouge, 3/8" or 1/2" bowl gouge with standard grind or fingernail profile will be fine Small hammer Cross head (Phillips) screw driver and or punches with which to indent the surface Sorby texture/spiraling tools. Model 330 H Spray Diffuser (2 for $15.00 from Nick Agar) By Daler Rowney

Safety Tips:

Shear-cutting, pull cutting with fingernail profile . Safe mounting between centers, follow the rules Using screw chuck, keep it straight and tight. Good use of tenon, follow the rules Lids for bowls used as jam chuck to finish or shape base of bowls.


Sandpaper: 120, 180, 240, 320, 400, and 600 grit Liming Special effects wax. By Liberon Gilt Cream (Cooper) and (Silver) By Chestnut Products Spirit Based Stains (Alcohol) Mohawk ,transtint etc Middle Gold by C. Roberson and Company. Spirit Power Dye Super Fine Metallic Bronze Powder (Deep Copper)

As I previously indicated this work shop was a bit overwhelming in regards to the volume of information that we were taught and exposed to in one day. I did “ Give it a Go” . I feel that I gained additional confidence in bowl turning as well as an eye opening experience in regards to all the possibilities in enhancing the surfaces of future projects. Overall a very rewarding experience. We in the class appreciate all that he taught us and hope he returns in the future and shares more of his techniques and skills.

One last thing to mention is that Nick Agar is coauthoring a book that will be published in Great Britain in November and the USA next April 2012. The title is “Evolution in Woodturning”. Nick indicated that he could ship copies to the CMW Club, if there was interest. I would be glad to serve as the point of contact in this matter.

Book information

Title : Woodturning Evolution Dynamic: Projects for you to make Nick Agar and Dave Springett - Forward by Jacques Vesery ISBN: 978 1 86108 827 7 - GMC publications Due for release UK November 7 th - USA next April unconfirmed.